Writers Alive pops to Premium Blog Talk Radio with co-host Marta Merajver from Buenos Aires!

"When my son heard our interview, he said it sounded just like a piece on NPR! You do an exemplary job, and I am pleased that you are being rewarded for your efforts. You are prepared, engaging, sympathetic, astute and you encourage your guests to be forthcoming with ease. From my experience - well over a dozen of these and counting - yours was the best!" --Pam Bitterman, Author of Muzungu

"I had fun chatting with John!" David Mack, NYT best selling author of the Star Trek Trilogy, Cold Equations.

"It's always so much fun talking to you!"--Rebecca Forster, USA Today best selling author of the Witness Series.

"It is the province of knowledge to speak and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen" -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Friday, November 14, 2014

Authors Ellen Airgood, Rebecca Forster and Joanna Kurowska at WRITERS ALIVE.COM

Relax this holiday season. Listen and enjoy. Marta Merajver and I will interview internationally Penguin published novelist, Ellen Airgood, about her heart moving, best seller South of Superior. Also, USA Today Best Selling Author, Rebecca Forster, graciously rejoins Writers Alive to talk about her JUST released Witness Series novel, Dark Witness. And this Trilogy of Talent completes itself with critically acclaimed poetess, Joanna Kurowska. (Time and dates to be announced soon!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

U2 Songs of Innocence FREE NEW LP


I raise a pint to Bono and The Dublin Band--U2 and karaoke croon, "With or Without You" in cheers of the FREE release of their new LP, Songs of Innocence. Get it now at Apple's iTunes store online..."And you give yourself away..." B1

Saturday, August 16, 2014

David Mack and Star Trek Seekers #1: Second Nature

More Books Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with John H Byk and Marta Merajver on BlogTalkRadio

New York Times best selling author and professional screenwriter, David Mack, beams aboard briefly once again onto Writers Alive to parse about the first book in his new Star Trek series, Second Nature. You won't want to miss this 'season' closing episode with an internationally famous and extremely talented writer.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mar Preston and On Behalf Of The Family

Listen To Books Internet Radio Stations with John H Byk and Marta Merajver on BlogTalkRadio

Canadian born but California based author, Mar Preston, expertly takes us by the hand and guides our imagination in her Santa Monica, police procedural novel, On Behalf Of The Family. Detective Dave Mason deftly, but doggedly, tracks down the 'honor' killer of a wealthy Turkish family living the American Dream in a sunny seaside city. Live interview, Sunday, August 10th at 8pm EDT at Blog Talk Radio.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Clean Kill (new title)

A concise handbook about mastering the writing and killing arts.
Barnes & Noble

Amazon Review by John D. Rachel

No one peers as intensely into the dark heart of the human soul as Conrad Johnson. If violence begets violence, then we are all doomed. But we know that already. "Jesus Told Me To Kill Her" renders the parallel pursuit of the writing and the killing arts masterfully.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

B1 and Shook Me All Night Long


She had the sag less eyes? Whatever n rock on!

FREE e-Thriller--5* Amazon review. TILL THE MOON FALLS

Cheap ladies in dirty hotels in bed with international, stolen technology. John Oxman always does it. No matter who gets hurt or killed. But it's a happy ending! Get it here at Smashwords.