Sunday, May 31, 2020

Isaiah and God the Father

Isaiah 1:2,3. Who are God’s children? Are we children or servants? Or both? E.J. Young defines "sons" as the marker for the beginning of God's decree. R.A. Webb and The Doctrine of Adoption. Jesus explains our sonship to the Pharisees. How then shall we live in light of our relationship to God? ESV Bible The Book of Isaiah Commentary by Edward J. Young Book Review: R.A. Webb and The Doctrine of Adoption Relevant Bible Verses: Exodus 4:22, Deut 1:31; 8:5; 32:6; Isa 63:16; Jer 3:19; Hos 11:1; Mal 1:6

Economic Data Porn

How The Federal Reserve Unilaterally, De-Facto Amended the US Constitution

The US Constitution is the spectacular framework upon which our nation is built.  The framers even built in a means to right the terrible wrongs that were beyond their capabilities at the time...the amendment has been utilized 27 times in all (most recently in 1992), righting freedoms of religion, equality of all races and sex, among others.  But not included anywhere in the Constitution was the Federal Reserve, allowing it the power to guide interest rates ever lower or infinitely purchase assets.  The implications of the Federal Reserve policies have been to undermine the Congress' primary function, that of compromise in an attempt to balance spending versus taxation.  The Federal Reserve policies have removed market based discipline, (market based interest payments), encouraging Congress to raise seemingly infinite federal debt.  Thus Congress' role as an institution for compromise is broken.  This de-facto Constitutional amendment has spurred ideas of infinite spending like MMT.  Flawed as the framers were, this insertion of a de facto, unelected, quasi private/federal branch of government was explicitly never intended because of the cancer it represented. Click here to see the images.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Conspiracy Theory Porn

If you need it, it's here...especially in the comments section of this article.

After two months of COVID-19 panic and terror, the world is now being ushered into a “new normal”. However, there is nothing “new” nor “normal” about an oppressive police state that haphazardly revokes rights and freedoms while citizens snitch on each other. Nope, such regimes have existed in the past. And, in societies that dare call themselves “free” and “democratic”, the “new normal” is an aberration – a slippery slope towards a global totalitarian regime.

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Monday, May 25, 2020

Is it time to reboot creation?

An arrogant scientific elite has divorced themselves from common sense, natural law, and the rest of the human species in their quest for full spectrum domination.
The very genetic code of the planet’s biosphere is being overwritten; The ultimate goal being the ability to manipulate, patent and program at will the biological processes of all life.
Tom Knight, professor at MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, said in 2007 that “The genetic code is 3.6 billion years old. It’s time for a rewrite.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Isaiah the Patriot

Isaiah 1:2-9. The prophet addresses the wickedness of Judah. Real and implied author and listener. The prophetic imagination and poetic language of Moses, the prophets and Christ Jesus. Speaking truth to power for its own good--real patriotism.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Studies in Isaiah -- The Family Man

Looking at Isaiah through the message triangle--Subject, audience and purpose. Isaiah's background. God uses people not as robots but as willing spokespersons, truth mediated through personality. Isaiah the family man. Final historical background comments on the book of Isaiah (for now). Looking at the message ahead. Resources: ESV Bible Commentary on Isaiah by Edward J. Young Join the Edward Joseph Young Forum Group on Facebook

Does God approve of this?

Scientists at the University at Buffalo and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute have bred a new form of human-mouse chimera with the highest incidence of human cells ever recorded. Chimeras are organisms made up of a mixture of genetically different tissues—in this case, mouse cells and human stem cells. The team published its work in the journal Science Advances.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Jews don't like Gospel TV in Israel

Israel's media watchdog has launched an investigation into a US-based evangelical network following allegations that its programming violated law by seeking to promote conversions to Christianity.
International Christian network GOD TV last week launched its "Shelanu" (Hebrew for "ours") channel on local cable carrier Hot.
Communications Minister David Amsalem wrote on his Twitter account that he would "not allow any missionary channel to operate in Israel, not at any time or in any way".

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Babylon Pays Itself!

MORE than 12,000 Catholic churches applied for PPP loans meant to hold small businesses together in the US.

Three in four had them granted as small businesses are forced to make life-changing and devastating decisions over their futures after being denied the money that was specifically meant for them.

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Sunday, May 3, 2020

False Prophet Alert: Lance Wallnau

Before the end of 2016 there was little in Donald Trump’s life, or frequently offensive political campaign, to suggest that as president he would be hailed as God’s appointee on Earth, be beloved by born-again Christians, or compared to a biblical king.
Yet that is exactly what has happened in the three years since Trump took office, as he has surrounded himself with a God-fearing cabinet and struck up an unlikely but extremely beneficial relationship with white evangelical supporters.