Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rebecca Forster and The Witness Series Novels (archived)

[I think it's fair to say that without Mrs. Forster's encouragement and subsequent return visits to my blog, I wouldn't still be so enthusiastic about discovering new authors and sharing them with the world as much as I can. And I know that's she's been an inspiration to many others even though she's way too humble to admit it. Thank you, Rebecca.]

In her own words:
 As an advertising executive I marketed a world-class spa when it was still called a gym, did business in China before there were western toilets and mucked around with sheep to find out how my client's fine wool was made. Then I wrote my first book. . .

On a crazy dare, I tackled a project that would prove to be my passion - I wrote my first book. Though I had never written before, I was lucky enough to sell that novel.  Many books later - including the bestselling legal thrillers, the Witness Series, and the USA Today top seller Keeping Counsel - writing is still the most exciting thing I have ever done. Now, with the emergence of e-readers like Nook, Kindle, Kobo and IPad, the world of publishing is getting even more exciting. 
 I earned my B.A. in English at Loyola, Chicago and my MBA at Loyola/Marymount in Los Angeles. Who knew that after all that studying I would be writing fiction full time? Today, instead of putting on a power suit in the morning, I pack up my computer and head out to Coffee Cartel. This is a wonderful neighborhood coffee shop where I am welcome to write as long as I want.
When I'm not at my favorite table next to the suit of armor, I am speaking to philanthropic and writers' groups about the brave new world of publishing for Kindle, Nook and other e-readers, teaching at UCLA Writers Program or having a ball at middle schools teaching with The Young Writers Conference.  More info about Rebecca at
Blessed are the peacemakers...
a white cop, a black kid

Arnold Penxa is a white cop from black Detroit, Michigan determined to save the lives of children no matter the cost, no matter the color. He is an ex war veteran and retired Detroit policeman, now working for a private school security firm,and he sniffs out a conspiracy for a multiple school shooting. The problem is that nobody wants to believe him except for a few close friends, so he's forced to act mostly alone to bust up the plot. Forget the usual suspects. This is the Mad Motor City where the line between common sense and criminal behavior is never clear.

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  1. Thanks for this thought-provoking interview. The only time I actually served on a jury was in a case where a boy was being tried as an adult. I thought it was an abuse of the concept. It ended in a hung jury (for the second time). There should be clear-cut criteria for this type of decision.
    I was also interested to hear that Ms Forster went from tradition publishing to self-publishing. Her thoughts on that subject also gave food for thought.
    Thank you both for an interesting interview.

  2. It's quite interesting that nowadays, more and more authors are turning to self publishing their books rather than relying on a traditional publishing house. Apart from the higher royalties and greater publishing speed, you can also get more control over your published book.

  3. wow. have things changed so much in just 3 and a half years in the book business?