Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Diane Pirrone and No Less in Blood (archived)

In 1893, seventeen-year-old Mary Anne Schlegel left her uncle’s Chicago home and vanished. The discovery of her fate more than a century later upends the life of Rachel Connolly, an adoptee desperately seeking her roots. Rachel’s search for her birth mother leads her deep into a shrouded family past and threatens to uncover a secret kept for three generations… a secret one of her newfound kin just might be willing to kill for…


D.M. Pirrone is the nom de plume of Diane Piron-Gelman, a freelance writer and editor with nearly twenty years’ experience in publishing. An Evanston native, history buff and avid mystery reader, Ms. Piron-Gelman is also an adoptee, with personal experience of the desire to find one’s roots. She lives on Chicago’s Northwest Side with her husband Stephen and two sons, David and Isaac. Check out her website at www.dmpirrone.net.


 “An 1893 missing-person case has unexpected repercussions more than a century later in Pirrone's intriguing debut… Readers will hope to see more historical crime fiction from Pirrone, the nom de plume of Diane Piron-Gelman.” —Publisher’s Weekly

 “Pirrone cleverly shifts between Mary Anne’s tale and Rachel’s search, creating a page-turner for fans of both history and mystery.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Partly set in a mysterious old house in the bleak far north as winter closes in and told from multiple points of view, both past and present, this fast-paced, compelling story resolves both mysteries and ends on a hopeful note.”  —Booklist 

Blessed are the peacemakers...
a white cop, a black kid

Arnold Penxa is a white cop from black Detroit, Michigan determined to save the lives of children no matter the cost, no matter the color. He is an ex war veteran and retired Detroit policeman, now working for a private school security firm,and he sniffs out a conspiracy for a multiple school shooting. The problem is that nobody wants to believe him except for a few close friends, so he's forced to act mostly alone to bust up the plot. Forget the usual suspects. This is the Mad Motor City where the line between common sense and criminal behavior is never clear.

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