Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jennifer Gracia and How I Made It: A Caregivers Guide to Coping With Cancer (archived)

Born in Huntington, NY  J. Gracia attended Wilberforce University in Wilberforce, OH. She was introduced to the arts as a means of self expression.  In high school, she discovered her desire to write from a teacher who made the English language fun to learn. Initially, she wrote as a way to releases emotions and feelings.  She soon discovered she had a passion for writing.  While in college J. Gracia took creative writing classes to hone her craft. She wanted to expand her abilities of conveying messages in a way her audience would understand. After dealing first hand with caring for a cancer patient, She decided to write and publish her first book,  How I Made It: A Caregivers Guide To Coping With Cancer. She speaks about her experience in dealing with family members who were diagnosed with cancer, and how she was able to maintain strength and be a source of comfort. More info at