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Joyce Longfellow and I Could Never Say Goodbye (archived)

Joyce Anne Ware Longfellow is a woman of influence: executive, philanthropist, teacher, professional mentor, global volunteer, international speaker, world traveler, and wilderness adventurer. After experiencing the death of her father in 1994 and the passing of her mother in 2001, Joyce Anne drew upon her knowledge of other cultures and her personal insights to create a workshop series about how to honor life’s most mysterious transitions.
After her three children had been launched into adulthood and amidst her twenty-eight years serving as Chief Operating Officer/owner of the Longfellow Children’s Dental Practice, Joyce Anne attended Arizona State University, garnering bachelor degrees in Humanities and Women’s Studies and a Master’s in Justice Studies in 1994. Applying her research in cultural issues and gender justice, she commenced additional careers in both the entrepreneurial and educational sectors.
From 1993 to 2000 Joyce Anne was the Co-Director of Arizona Leadership 2000 and Beyond, a women’s leadership training program which launched hundreds of women into high level, decision-making positions within corporate and entrepreneurial settings. In 2001, she became the President and Executive Director of the organization, and served in that capacity until 2003.
Because of her accomplishments on and off campus, Joyce Anne was invited to serve as a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University in 1993. She taught courses in Women’s Studies, Justice Studies, and the College of Business for five years. Wanting to dedicate more of her time to local and international activism, she now continues her teaching at ASU in the capacity of guest lecturer on the topics of working relationships and small business development. A professional speaker since 1980, Joyce Anne presents regularly within the dental, business, and educational communities of Arizona, California, Washington D.C., and Massachusetts.
The Governor of Arizona appointed Joyce Anne to the Executive Committee of the Governor’s Conference on Women and Business in 1994. A year later, Joyce Anne stepped upon the international stage. As one of three delegates from Arizona State University for the United Nations Women’s Conference in Beijing, China, she participated in the Non-Govermental Organizations’ training sessions on sustainable development. In 1999, she was invited back to Beijing to speak about creating programs to develop women leaders at the Second China-U.S. Conference on Women. In recent years, she has increased her involvement in local issues by founding the Chandler Chamber Women’s Council, acting as chair of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce Education Committee, and serving on the FGISpirit Advisory Board and the Phoenix Women’s Commission.
Having lived abroad as a child, Joyce Anne grew up considering herself a citizen of the world and has widely traveled as such. She has kayaked above the Arctic Circle, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, climbed past the 18,000 foot base camp of Mount Everest, and celebrated her sixtieth birthday atop the world in Lhasa, Tibet. The only continent she has yet to explore is Australia. Owning and operating a dental practice familiarized Joyce Anne with health and medical practice issues. And when she decided to extend her “service” to the world she joined medical missions in Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Kenya. She did not know that her volunteer work with the seriously ill and dying in other countries and amidst other cultures would later assist her as she walked her own parents through their final transitions.

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