Monday, June 18, 2012

Katharina Gerlach and Ann Angel's Freedom (archived)

In her own words:

I was born in Germany in 1968. Me and my three younger brothers grew up in the middle of a forest in the heart of the Luneburgian Heather. After romping through the forest with imagination as my guide, tomboy-me learned to read and disappeared into magical adventures, past times or eerie fairytale woods.
I didn’t stop at reading. During my training as a landscape gardener, I wrote my first novel, a manuscript full of a beginner’s mistakes. Fortunately, I found books on Creative Writing and soon my stories improved. For a while, reality interfered with my writing but after finishing a degree in forestry and a PhD in Science, I returned to my vocation. I like to write Fantasy, Science Fiction and Historical Novels for all age groups.
At present, I am writing at my next project in a small house near Hildesheim, Germany, where I live with my husband, my three children and my dog. I've had various short stories published in Germany as well as a non-fiction e-book in US-Fantasy author Holly Lisle’s “The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About …” series. More info on her books are available at

Blessed are the peacemakers...
a white cop, a black kid

Arnold Penxa is a white cop from black Detroit, Michigan determined to save the lives of children no matter the cost, no matter the color. He is an ex war veteran and retired Detroit policeman, now working for a private school security firm,and he sniffs out a conspiracy for a multiple school shooting. The problem is that nobody wants to believe him except for a few close friends, so he's forced to act mostly alone to bust up the plot. Forget the usual suspects. This is the Mad Motor City where the line between common sense and criminal behavior is never clear.

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting me. It was delightful talking to you.

  2. What a great story line! I was captured by the idea of finding the papers in an attic. It is almost a cliche and to have it really happen transports the reader into an alternate reality from the onset. As a self-published author, I agree with her thoughts on the publishing world of today. I think it is great that the internet is making it possible to share good writing regardless of where we live, read, and write.
    Thank you both for an interesting half hour. I will definitely check out Katharina's books.