Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stephen Lendman and How Does Wall Street Fleece America? (archived)

Harvard and Wharton graduate, economic journalist and radio show host, Stephen Lendman, debunks the tiresome "fiscal cliff" myth and explains what's really happening with the economy in his book, How Wall Street Fleeces America.

Blessed are the peacemakers...
a white cop, a black kid

Arnold Penxa is a white cop from black Detroit, Michigan determined to save the lives of children no matter the cost, no matter the color. He is an ex war veteran and retired Detroit policeman, now working for a private school security firm,and he sniffs out a conspiracy for a multiple school shooting. The problem is that nobody wants to believe him except for a few close friends, so he's forced to act mostly alone to bust up the plot. Forget the usual suspects. This is the Mad Motor City where the line between common sense and criminal behavior is never clear.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful interview with Stephen, I'm just finishing reading the book myself. I cannot recommend it enough, a massive eye opener to how the financial system works in America and how its embedded in almost every facet of American life, most often in a negative way for the average person