Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Time Trinity God Faces: Starring Jesus Christ, Karl Marx and Einstein

Believe me: I know fables and mythology and Christianity is neither. -- C.S. Lewis

Straight with the slight bias I offer you a reference to Lewis, but it's the least I can do. After all, he was a man of great integrity (as well as humane humanity) as anyone who has ever walked the earth.

But this piece is not about Lewis.
(At least I don't think so)...
It's really about a priest, a Marxist and a divergent thinker in a bar.

Pass the bottle...

And Jesus nods and smiles like a normal guy when he enters, but his entourage looks suspicious and frightened. Strangers in a strange town. They might get their asses kicked.

"Oy vey," the Marxist whispers to Einstein sitting next to him who is spinning a coin at different speeds on the bar top.
"What?" he says. "Your education is interfering with my learning."
"It's that miracle dude everyone's talking about."
Einstein glances at Jesus and returns to his now wobbling coin and slams down a drink. Maybe it stops spinning and maybe it doesn't. Who knows?

"I do" said Jesus walking up behind the two and throwing his arms around them, pulling them carpenter-style against his barreled chest.

The Marxist snorts and says, "Then toss your money onto the bar, Jesus of Nazareth."

Jesus laughs so contagiously that his disciples become more relaxed and the pretty bartendress scurries over, smiling and pouring drinks for all three.

"Who's paying for this?" asks the Marxist.
Einstein bolts to his feet from his bar stool and shouts, "Eureka!"
"Cut him off, Miss," says Jesus, patting him on the back.
"What? asked the Marxist.
"What?" said Einstein.
What?" said Jesus also.

Pass the bottle...

Spend a summer in hospital recovering from major stomach surgery (or better yet on a beach) and read the Polish scholar, Leszek Kolakowski's epic and definitive tome--Main Currents of Marxism. Or the entire bible including the genealogies (begat, begat, begat)  or read Einstein's Relativity: The Special and General Theory. Read them all. What the hell. You might not be able to soon.

Tell you what. If anyone has read at least two of the great books I listed then let's dance. Otherwise, be considered wise and drink quietly alone instead of opening your mouth to show what a fool you are.

Pass the bottle for the last (?) time.

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Blessed are the peacemakers...
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