Monday, June 15, 2015

Conrad Johnson and Clean Kill (How to Kill Your Literary Agent and Still Prosper)

A concise comparison between the writing and killing arts
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Rebecca Forster

Amazon Reviews:

" Clean Kill is a downright scary, wicked, dark, fascinating book and I could not stop reading. Conrad Johnson is a master of scene setting and characterization, of pacing and plot."  --Rebecca Forster

"No one peers as intensely into the dark heart of the human soul as Conrad Johnson. If violence begets violence, then we are all doomed. But we know that already. "Clean Kill" renders the parallel pursuit of the writing and the killing arts masterfully. It is an adventure we wish not to take but cannot refuse.  Johnson is the master of the blow-the-MF-away genre, the man who chronicled our lethal addiction to self-destructive violence and the total devaluation of the human organism in a tsunami of narcissism and childish worship of guns."--John D. Rachel

"John starts this novella off with "reviews from readers". At first you are thinking...."how did he get these reviews?" But when you realize that this is a spoof, (and perhaps have endured what writers go through) you start seeing the book in a different light. I wrote the author and said I thought his book was hilarious. Perhaps not everyone sees it as such, from reading the other reviews, but I enjoyed it thoroughly and, humorously speaking, perhaps have a target or two also."--Barbara Billig

"You don't understand. He can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. He doesn't know pity or fear or remorse, and he absolutely will not stop...ever, until you are dead." Kyle Resse: The Terminator

"There is a similarity between the iconic, unstoppable cyborg and the protagonist in Mr. Johnson's book; relentless perseverance. There is a darkly comedic quality to the prose that is engaging, even if it doesn't quite create empathy between the reader and the protagonist. There is also a tragic unsettled character to the ending that might be more disturbing than the story itself. If you are a writer (or ever wanted to be one), this is a cautionary tale of obsession. You have been warned."--Gamal Hennessy 

Blessed are the peacemakers...
a white cop, a black kid

Arnold Penxa is a white cop from black Detroit, Michigan determined to save the lives of children no matter the cost, no matter the color. He is an ex war veteran and retired Detroit policeman, now working for a private school security firm,and he sniffs out a conspiracy for a multiple school shooting. The problem is that nobody wants to believe him except for a few close friends, so he's forced to act mostly alone to bust up the plot. Forget the usual suspects. This is the Mad Motor City where the line between common sense and criminal behavior is never clear.

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