Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Suicide Theory: A Netflix film review

The award winning film, The Suicide Theory (2015), starring Steve Mouzakis and Leon Cain, is a psychological thriller that is now available on Netflix.

Director Dru Brown takes writer Michael J. Kospiah's script and makes us reel with roller coaster mad fun on a dark journey into cross dressing psychotic hit man, Steven Ray's dilemma--how to kill a morose (yet still endearing) gay man who wants to die but who can't stay dead.

Percival, played by Leon Cain, tries to talk Ray into 'spending some time with him and getting to know him' so that he might better learn how to kill him right and good. Ray refuses to believe the man's incredible story after he lands from a suicide jump off the roof of a building onto Ray's car yet still lives. Percival insists that it's fate but Ray won't buy it even after several brutal, point blank execution attempts (don't worry, even if you know it's coming it will surprise you so this not a spoiler).

The psychosocial drama that unfolds from the very first scene where the anxiety crippled Ray ambushes and brutally kills a rude customer who cut in front of him in a convenience store prepares you for this thrilling ride into a 'born' killer's head. It only gets weirder and more intense from then on and just when you think you've got it all figured out, the film ends in an unforgettable scene that will still leave you on the edge with a sinister, slightly knowing smile curling your lips if you've payed attention. And you can't help but.

Blessed are the peacemakers...
a white cop, a black kid