Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ex Machina (a good, short review of a bad, long movie)

Trending now on Amazon Prime, the science fiction film, Ex Machina, directed by Alex Gardner and starring Domhnall Gleason, Alicia Vikander and Oscar Isaac is severely overrated by viewers who probably don't recognize the obvious Artificial Intelligence tropes and worn out rebel computer memes that date way back to Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Not only is the simplistic use of vertical line, compartmentalized imagery so insulting, but the overtly feminist theme of men-always-do-things-to-women is beyond boring and not worth the time sitting through all the two dimensional performances by every actor in this travesty of a film. Even Gleason's character who is set up to 'save' these poor, wretched female robots who are man handled by the stereotyped, computer mad genius, Oscar Isaac as Nathan, will clue you in as to why this very badly slapped together composite of worn out  patterns doesn't work. If you've never experienced  a science fiction movie that deals with artificial intelligence before, than you might like Ex Machina. But if you've watched one badly behaving robot and unoriginal director giving and taking life on the screen, you've seen them all so keep looking for the singularity somewhere else because it's not in this film. If you're really interested in what the future holds for practical minded techies regarding AI, then check out this article from MarketWatch:

The KINDLE version of Till The Moon Falls is now available on Kindle Unlimited. I am confident that every page will be read to the end. Thank you Amazon for making this possible-Conrad Johnson

High technology lives side by side with cheap ladies and cheap hotels in this neo noir, international mystery thriller. Set in Seattle and Thailand. John Oxman, a crusty ex merchant seaman, comes to the aid of a beautiful woman who has been drugged, violated and on the run after having bio engineered, nanotechnology implanted into her body against her will. Little does he know that his attempts to help her leads him into a web of international and corporate intrigue where illusion substitutes for reality and friends become enemies in the worst damn way possible.


This was a gripping book. I did not want to put it down and I was sorry when I got to the last page, I won’t call it the end because I am sure John has many more exciting adventures.  This is not a long book but it is packed with action, murder, mystery, international intrigue, car chases, villains and hero’s. It is hard to write a review without revealing too much of the storyline and not spoil it for the future readers.-Paranormal Romance Guild

"A great setting, a gripping novel..." -- Jake Needham

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