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Julian Rose and In Defence of Life (book review)

In Defence of Life: Essays on a Radical Reworking of Green WisdomIn Defence of Life: Essays on a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom by Julian Rose

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In his novel Hocus Pocus, Kurt Vonnegut reminds us in an opening scene the logical conclusion of humanity's spiral of self destruction. He describes an alien space vessel visiting earth, flying over the Grand Canyon in the U.S.A. and seeing graffiti spray painted across one of the cliffs which reads: "We could have saved the planet but we were too cheap."

In this collection of essays, Mr. Rose pleas passionately for individuals to "cast aside old fears and the illusionary comforts of the darkly beguiling status breaking the dull patterns of illusion which have indoctrinated...all of us." The author refers to the corporate globalization mindset that has duped and subverted most of us into an existence of indebtedness and short sightedness. His own life is a testimony to this call to action.

Sir Julian Rose is an English country gentleman who presides over an organic farming estate in Great Britain and who has, for many years, helped to organize the resistance of Polish farmers against the forced implementation of genetically modified crops into that country's historically famous soil. In Defence of Life is more than just a pamphlet. It's tone and style resembles early American Transcendentalism with its metaphysical and rational perspectives that resonate with strong currents of personal choice, freedom and the right to thrive independently. The essays are more than a call to action to resist the tyranny of unscrupulous politicians and their banking cohort gangsters--they are also an impetus for personal reflection. In short, the author believes that the only change that can affect humanity and save us all from ecocide and serfdom must begin at the local and individual level.

While one cannot deny the grim scenario that Rose expertly describes for us regarding the doomed financial and food system we are all trapped in, his over-the-top bashing of Christianity (read--officially organized) as an underlying cause sounds too basely Marxist, e.g., religion is an opiate for the masses. Instead, he leans toward Oriental mysticism to embellish his viewpoints and that works well and might work better sans the church bashing sentiment which probably automatically alienates a great number of readers. If one can objectively get past this issue, he or she will find much food for thought and a brilliant recipe for self action in this superbly written collection.

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