Saturday, July 16, 2016

Movie Review-Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond, the 2014 historical documentary, masterfully told and recreated through rare footage and survivor and participant testimonies, tells the story of the 1948 Israeli-Arab war brilliantly. It has it all--amazing courage and adventure from the severely outnumbered Jews trying to carve out a homeland for themselves in Palestine after being sanctioned by the freshly minted, United Nations Assembly in the lingering aftermath of WWII.  From bewildered but brave young veteran war pilots who volunteered to fly sequestered Czechoslovakian German Messersschmitt 109’s (compete with Lutwaffe uniforms) to unlikely patriots in Panama bars, this true story has something for all. Jewish history has never before been preserved so vividly in this recounting of many battles against all odds. It kept me hooked and the casting was so extensive, from interviews with statesmen to historical researchers in all the nooks and crannies around the globe that were aflame with patriots and opportunists, you have to sit amazed at what the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can do with people, events and circumstances that have astounded the world through the running centuries--fetal Israel sending fire, bombs and bullets from a few leftover aircraft straight into the pants of their enemies. No matter whose side you’re on here, you have to admit as an objective witness, it’s almost above and beyond belief. Still, some interviews and stories from both sides of the conflict would have seemed more balanced. It's okay if Netflix hiked their streaming fees if they are going to offer quality documentaries like this one.

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